Microsoft Access Development

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What is Microsoft Access?

For many years Microsoft have included a surprisingly powerful database tool within their Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Access is not just a basic database. For many small businesses it can be a very useful tool. It allows for the easy development of entry level applications and with the ability to easily move from the basic Jet database engine to the much more powerful and secure Microsoft SQL Server, it provides a great entry into application development for small to medium projects.

MS Access Programming

Microsoft Access has a well developed front end that is perfect for many bespoke business applications. The inclusion of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) provides a perfect tool for programming extremely complicated data entry screens. The powerful reporting engine is also very well suited to displaying your data in a variety of different ways. Over the years that I have been developing in Access, I have also discovered techniques for inserting .NET code into projects. This can add a whole range of powerful programming tools to the project.

Microsoft Access Developer

I am a freelance Access developer with over 20 years experience. I have developed databases for the likes of Westminster City Council as well as a wide range of private businesses. I primarily use Access as a front end tool, because the power, security and scalability of a database like SQL Server has a much bigger scope. MS Access is often a starting point for a growing project. Perhaps you have built your own database and need it turning into a professional system? I often take over projects that have been started by junior developers. Whether I am starting from scratch or building on an existing system, I can provide intuative design, data security, user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive reporting tools and above all, reliable computer systems.