Case Study

Durham County Council
Elemore Hall School

MVC Based Performance Reporting System

Elemore Hall school is a school for kids with special needs. This project was designed to provide a means for the staff to record and report on the performance of the pupils. The primary purpose was to track progress of the students against national averages and reasonable predictions of performance for the individual's special needs.

The system was an intranet based Model, View Control (MVC) project with a SQL Server back end.

Menu Screen

Fig1. Main Menu Screen

The main focus was to create a series of graphs which will show the progress of the individuals. As it was a web-based project, these were to to be accessed in any web browser on the internal network.

Progress Graph

Fig2. Progress Graph

As with all projects, a comprehensive security system was included to ensure that the data is protected and only the correct members of staff have access to the areas of the system they need.

The system produced graphs showing improvement against targets and improvement in relation to other students, and reported on whether students were performing above or below their predicted levels.

Progress Graph

Fig3. Progress Over Time Graph

The system also had the facility to filter report data by pupil and subject.

Data Filter

Fig4. Report Filter Screen

Data entry screens were simple and contain data checks at the point of entry to ensure data integrity.

Data Entry Screen

Fig5. Example Data Entry Screen